Pulled pork   $7.49

1/4 pound hickory smoked pork shoulder dry rubbed and slow cooked to perfection.                                

brisket  $7.49

1/4 pound of a whole brisket slow cooked for over 16 hours with our special spice to create that robust beef flavor.

Polish sausage  $7.49

We only use Black Oak rope sausage.

Hot link  $7.49

Nothing beats Mountain View hot links!

Bologna  $7.49

Sliced and smoked for a full hickory flavor and ask us to glaze it on the griddle.

Hamburger  $6.99

1/3 pound fully cooked and simmered in our brisket auju. 

Cheeseburger  $7.49

We add two slices of American cheese to our hamburger and steam melt on the grill. 

Okie burger  $8.99

1/3 hamburger with 1/4 of our pulled pork, 2 slices of cheese and a pile of our hand made onion strings, our House Original BBQ sauce glazed and drizzled all over it.

Pig bang  $8.99

1/2 pound of pork heaven! Pulled pork, sausage and hot links.